Improve balance and coordination skills

Reconnect with yourself

Stand taller and look leaner, build strength without bulk

Develop a strong core and ease the strain on your joints

Reduce tension, stress & fatigue

The Pilates & Yoga Shed
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The studio offers a friendly, caring and fun environment where you will be encouraged and challenged to experience your full potential and educated about your body, how it moves and functions and its relationship with itself, the mind and spirit.

If you think about  being stronger, leaner, more flexible and healthier to enjoy all of your life’s activities then you should contact us today to get advice on the best class for you.

The Pilates & Yoga Shed is located at 110 Somerville Rd, Yarraville 3013

Phone: (03) 9314 3044

Everyone from the most physically fit athlete to people with chronic back/neck pain or physical limitations can benefit. Our friendly and experienced teachers are truly dedicated to our students and the disciplines we teach. Class sizes are small to maximize personalized attention.

We incorporate principles of breathing, stability, movement and mindfulness to strengthen the connection and balance of body, mind and spirit. A combination of the fitness and therapeutic benefits of body/mind movement will provide you with a workout to meet your individual needs.

Latest at the Shed

Check out our New Timetable with the addition of challenging Level 2 Classes

Join one of our 10 week beginner courses that will follow a structured and progressive format to help you move better, feel stronger and more flexible. Reformer Courses – Monday 5.30pm, Tuesday 6.00pm, Wednesday 7.30pm and Thursday 7.00pm Mat Courses – Monday 7.30pm, Tuesday 7.00pm, Wednesday 7.30pm, Thursday 7.00pm and Saturday 9.30am Contact us to receive a 10 week Beginner Course for $150

New Beginner Courses commencing Monday 6th October 2014