Whether you need assistance to be free of pain, overcome injury and return to function or simply feel healthier so you can work, play and enjoy life,       Pilates is the ultimate functional re-education mind-body practice. Pilates is a complete conditioning program which focuses on developing smooth, fluent, efficient and balanced movement through the organisation and maintenance of good posture, the appropriate activation of the deep core muscles, control, correct breathing and mindfulness.

In our Pilates classes you will be taught how to work through a full functional range of movement to not only develop your stability, mobility and flexibility but to ensure that muscles do not become bulky and shortened but rather lengthen resulting in a toned and lean appearance. With an extensive repertoire of exercises that range from easy and basic to extremely challenging and difficult you can be sure Pilates will satisfy your exercise goals as well developing a strong mind/body connection.

Where to start

If you have special needs relating to addressing pain, rehabilitating from injury or specific goals then commencing with a 1 on 1 session is advised.  For those people without individual needs but wanting to improve core stability, flexibility, mobility and movement then a 1 on 1 session to commence is most effective but not crucial, joining a Beginner class (mat or reformer) will be effective.