Mums and Bubs


Mums & Bubs Fusion Classes

A blend of  Yoga & Pilates for new mums and their bubs is a fantastic opportunity for mums who are now looking to spend a little time on themselves exercising safely and correctly after childbirth. Six to ten weeks after birth (slightly longer – approx 12 weeks post C-section) is the perfect time to re-educate your body and change the way you think about your posture and the way you move. Your body has undergone some pretty remarkable changes, not only to your posture but to your joints and muscles as well. Pilates exercises are ideal post-birth to develop core muscle strength, these core muscles – pelvic floor and transverses abdominals – are the ones that have had to work so hard during pregnancy and child birth. Yoga will help lengthen tight muscles and help to take excessive tension out of the body.

We recognize that exercise after childbirth requires care and modification. Relaxin remains in the body for 3-5 months after childbirth, longer for those mothers who are breastfeeding. Relaxin is a hormone, its role is to relax the ligaments of the pelvis and allow separation of the joint surfaces to accommodate the growing baby and prepare for labor. Unfortunately, relaxin is not confined to just the pelvic area; it can affect fibrous tissue anywhere in the body such as hips, knees, elbows, ankles and spine. This means you may feel an increase in flexibility and thus, when returning to exercise, care needs to be taken to maintain stability of your joints.

After all your hard work you might not feel like handing your baby over to someone else whilst going off to an exercise class so we have organized a special class just for you to bring your bubs along.