Melissa Papworth

Mel’s background is in Health & Fitness, she has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Health) & Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Fitness Leadership)

Her Pilates training has been with Polestar Pilates, Pilates Institute of Australia, Pilates Institute of UK and Pilates International Training Centre where she has gained Certificate IV in Pilates Instruction. She has also completed a Yoga Diploma with Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy

Classes with Mel are challenging and dynamic. Her teaching is passionate and encouraging, creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere where students of all levels and abilities feel supported to work to an appropriate level that will leave them feeling taller, stronger and freer to move.

Jodie Bennett

Jodie has come from the corporate world and over the past 10 years of practising Yoga and Pilates, she has now made it her life, alongside being a dedicated mum of 3 beautiful girls.

Jodie’s passion is helping new mums strengthen their bodies after pregnancy as well as helping people address problems arising from the pelvis and Sacro-Iliac Joint.

Jodie has completed her Pilates training with Stott and also has an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training with the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy.

Erin Scarlett

Erin has completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science (Human Movement), a Post Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation and is currently completing her Masters In Exercise Rehabilitation. Erin is a fully certified Stott Pilates instructor.

With a passion for helping clients improve their bodies, quirks and all, gain strength, mobility, become limber and leaner and reduce pain, Erin places great importance of clients enjoying themselves in a relaxed environment. Once named the “smiling assassin”, Erin’s classes might seem quietly calm and easy, yet you will soon find out they are deceptively challenging and strong.

Natalie Pearson

After growing up as a competitive swimmer, the corporate world took its toll and Nat soon encountered some of the common symptoms of being a ‘desk worker’ – weak glutes and hamstrings, lower back pain and neck pain. She found Pilates to be her saving grace and experienced a profound sense of freedom of movement after a Pilates session. She experienced far less pain and her body awareness improved.

Nat has completed her Stott Pilates teacher training and now thoroughly enjoys working with a variety of different clients. Everyone can benefit from the Pilates and Natalie is keen to show you how.

Fernanda Curry

Fernanda brings her experience as an elite sportswoman and her passion for health and fitness to her specialized and challenging Pilates classes. Fernanda was ranked No.2 on the Brazilian surfing circuit in the late ’90s but decided to retire from surfing to pursue her professional ambitions of becoming a Physiotherapist. She graduated as a Physiotherapist and also a Massage Therapist in 2000 and moved to Australia to build on her career and develop her experience and skills.

Fernanda completed her mat and reformer training with the APPI  and has taught in a number of well established and reputable Physiotherapy clinics throughout Melbourne. She has a wonderfully friendly and encouraging teaching style and you’re sure to feel the effects of her classes with a few laughs thrown in for good measure.

Lisa Zinno

Lisa has been a qualified Remedial therapist for 9 years, a Personal Trainer for 6 years. She is a certified Polestar Pilates instructor and has been teaching and continuing to practice and study for the past 6 years.

Lisa spent time further developing her Pilates training in New York in 2009 learning from a number of prominent pilates mentors.

Lisa loves seeing the results that Pilates education creates in each individual – that moment when all of a sudden something clicks for a client – provides Lisa with a great sense of joy and satisfaction. You’ll also hear a lot about food in Lisa’s classes – we’re not too sure if it’s another of her great passions or perhaps a distraction method??? Either way, you’ll have fun and feel great after one of Lisa’s classes.